Park Seismic LLC, Shelton, Connecticut, Tel: 347-860-1223, Fax: 203-513-2056, Email:
Park Seismic LLC specializes in the services of the Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) method (Park et al., 1999)
that provides subsurface
shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles for geotechnical engineering depths (e.g., about 30-m depth).
A new version of ParkSEIS (v. 3.0) AUTO is now available.  The most significant feature is the
AUTO" module which provides a fully automated default sequence of MASW data analysis.  
This means you can now generate shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles (1D or 2D) with one click
after importing seismic data.  Please watch this on
YouTube.  The traditional manual
approach is still available with even more advanced options for research and QA/QC
MASW - Areas of Application