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A new version of ParkSEIS (v. 3.0) AUTO is now available.  The most
significant feature is the "
AUTO" module which provides a fully
automated default sequence of MASW data analysis.  This means
you can now generate shear-wave velocity (Vs) profiles (1D or 2D)
with one click after importing seismic data.  Please watch this on
YouTube.  The traditional manual approach is still available with
even more advanced options for research and QA/QC purposes.
Park Seismic LLC provides the MASW services in the following areas:
Followings are typical MASW applications Park Seismic LLC can help with in terms of general consultation, field operation, and
data analysis:
Contact at for more detailed information.  
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Compaction Evaluation by MASW Surveys (CEMS)
Photo Courtesy of Minnesota Dept. of Transportation (MnDOT)
Ofrecemos servicios del método MASW en español y en cualquier país de habla hispana.
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haz clic aquí. Nuestro colaborador
Hector R. Hinojosa, Ph.D., P.G. de Cordillera Geo-Services con oficinas ubicadas en Texas,
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