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We are a small R&D company focused on a geotechnical seismic technique called multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW).  Park
Seismic LLC was founded in 2007 by Dr. Choon Park, the lead author of MASW (Park et al., 1999;
GEOPHYSICS).  Since then, Park Seismic
LLC has executed more than two hundred MASW projects by providing consultations on field logistics and services in data analysis and
reporting.  We develop commercial
software solutions for MASW data analysis.  We also provide the MASW training through short courses and
online tutorials.

    Choon Park, Ph.D.
    Founder/Principal Geophysicist
    Mob: 347-860-1223

    Dr. Park is the first author of two seismic methods for near-surface geotechnical investigation: the multichannel analysis
    of surface waves (MASW) (Park et al., 1999) and the swept impact seismic technique (SIST) (Park et al., 1996), both of
    which were published in GEOPHYSICS.  Dr. Park received his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas (KU)(1995) with
    development of the SIST that delivers a few hundred seismic impacts in a coded mode to increase the resolution of
    high-frequency reflection imaging.  In parallel, Dr. Park also started surface-wave research in the early 90s as the other
    (low-frequency) end of near-surface seismic applications, which later evolved into the multichannel analysis of surface
    waves (MASW) method.  He conducted the MASW-related research during his post-doctoral fellowship at the Kansas
    Geological Survey (KGS), a research institute based at KU.  He worked as a research scientist at the KGS until 2006,
    publishing more than one hundred papers, mostly related to the MASW method.  Recently, he has been facilitating the
method's adoption among relevant engineering communities by applying it in diverse geotechnical projects.  Over the past two decades, Dr. Park
has taught MASW training courses at more than twenty geophysical and geotechnical conferences.   
He is the author of the ParkSEIS software for MASW analysis.  He is also author/co-author of other near-surface seismic data-processing
software packages developed at the KGS (SurfSeis, WinSeis, and Eavesdropper).  Dr. Park received his master's (MS) degree from Ohio
University (1988) with research in the migration of shallow high-frequency reflection data.  He graduated from Seoul National University (1983) in
Seoul, South Korea, with a BS in physics and science education.  

Click for Dr. Choon Park's Full Publication List (as of February, 2015)

    Jin Y. Park, Ph.D.
    Education/Operation Manager
    Mob: 347-860-0859

    Dr. Jin Park is Founder and Director of JY Education LLC, a company that has been providing customized educational
    consulting services since 2006. In 2015, Dr. Jin Park joined the Park Seismic LLC as Educational Operations Manager,
    to help organize and administer MASW training programs. She also leads product sales and outreach operations for
    ParkSEIS - an MASW data-process software package developed by Park Seismic LLC - organizing training courses and
    promoting sales and technical services for current and prospective users of the software. Dr. Jin Park plays a key role
    in all logistics related to education and training operations of Park Seismic LLC.  

Dr. Jin Park received her Ph.D. (2006) and Master's (M.A.) (2001) degrees in Education from University of Kansas (KU).  She received a
bachelor's degree (B.S.) (1983) in Mathematics from Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, South Korea.  She taught education-related courses at
the universities in Seoul until she started her own educational consulting firm in 2006.