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Park Seismic LLC was formed in July 2007 by Dr. Choon Park as a geotechnical consulting firm.  It specializes in
geophysical site characterization using a seismic method called the multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW)
method, first published in GEOPHYSICS (Park et al., 1999) with Dr. Park as the first author.  Park Seismic has been mostly
consulting on MASW projects for wind-turbine site characterization in Midwest states with services in field logistics, data
analysis, and reporting.  Dr. Park first initiated this seismic characterization of wind-turbine sites in 2005 on a project related
to construction of the Blue Canyon Wind Farm Phase II near Lawton, Oklahoma, while he worked at the Kansas Geological
Survey (KGS), a research arm of the University of Kansas (KU) (Park and Miller, 2005a; 2005b).  Other types of MASW
projects performed by Park Seismic include subsurface stability evaluation of sink-hole hazard areas, mapping buried
boundaries of reclaimed and waste-disposal areas, mapping abandoned mines, etc.  

Dr. Park is the first author of two seismic methods for near-surface investigation: the multichannel analysis of surface
waves (MASW) (Park et al., 1999) and the swept impact seismic technique (SIST) (Park et al., 1996), both of which were
published in GEOPHYSICS.  He performed the MASW research during his post-doctoral period at KGS (1995-1999), while
the SIST research during his Ph.D. program at KU (1988-1995).  He worked as a research scientist at the KGS until 2006,
publishing more than one hundred papers as first author and co-author, mostly related to the MASW method.

Dr. Park's Vita and Selected Publication List
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Park Seismic LLC currently focuses in the seismic characterization of land-based wind-turbine sites by providing special
techniques to evaluate seismic velocities (P and S) and Poisson’s ratio in 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D modes, depending on the level
of characterization being sought.  Park Seismic plans to extend this approach to underwater applications as a
reconnaissance tool for offshore wind farm site characterization.
3-D Seismic Characterization of Wind Turbine Sites
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