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Park Seismic LLC specializes in the services of the MASW method that provides subsurface shear-wave velocity (Vs)
profiles (1-D, 2-D, and 3-D) for geotechnical engineering depths (e.g., about 30-m depth).

MASW Software - ParkSEIS© (Version 2.0 - Release Announcement)

    Since version 1.01 was released a year ago (September 2015), the functionality and user
    friendliness of ParkSEIS© (PS) have been greatly improved mostly due to extensive in-
    house operations, but also from suggestions and reports from users.  Most bugs found
    were minor, but a few of them were critical.  All bugs we found have been fixed.  Updates,
    additions, and modifications incorporated into the current version (v. 2.0) are explained
    here.  For a brief introduction of the software features, click here.  To go to ParkSEIS
    home page, click here.  

    ParkSEIS© is the most comprehensive and updated tool for MASW data analysis designed to generate shear-
    wave velocity (Vs) information in 1-D profile, 2-D cross section, and depth slices.  It can also perform Back
    Scattering Analysis (BSA) of surface waves to detect near-surface anomalies such as voids, tunnels,
    boulders, weak zones, etc.  MASW modeling is also included.  ParkSEIS© (PS) can process seismic data sets
    from active, passive, and (active/passive) combined MASW surveys.  Visit the website for more information.  

MASW Services for Geotechnical Projects - "You Collect, We Process and Report"

Park Seismic provides services in data processing and reporting in MASW surveys for various types of projects
(wind-turbine, soil and bedrock, void, weak zones, buried boundaries, etc.).  For cost-effective and time-efficient
purposes, field surveys are usually performed by a local geophysical company with experience in multichannel
seismic surveys (refraction or reflection) according to the field procedure, details of which we will provide.  We will
then process acquired data and send you back the final report in a compact form (click for sample
1-D and 2-D report)
or a full format (click for sample
1-D or 2-D report).  The overall procedure consists of following steps:

  1. Feasibility Inquiry - Free consultation on the scope of the approach
  2. Survey Plans and Cost Evaluation - Providing field logistics for data collection and estimated cost for the
  3. Field Survey - Data collection by the local company
  4. Data Processing and Reporting - Processing data and preparation of report and output data (final deliverables)

For most common size of the project that takes a few days of field work, the final deliverables are usually available
within a week after receipt of the collected data.  
Contact us for free consultation.

MASW Services - Areas of Application

ParkSeismic LLC provides services in seismic investigation of geotechnical engineering projects including seismic
site characterization (SSC) for Vs30m evaluation,  wind-turbine site characterization, bedrock topography mapping,
sink-hole hazard evaluation, detection of buried subsurface features of various types, soil characterization, etc., by
using a special seismic technique called the MASW method.  The multichannel analysis of surface waves (
method is a relatively new ground-scanning method utilizing one type of elastic waves (surface wave) long studied
and utilized in the earthquake seismology.  The main advantage of this method is highly reliable survey results usually
presented in 1-D, 2-D or 3-D formats even under significantly unfavorable conditions such as ambient noise.

In most cases, field survey can be accomplished within one or two days for a moderate size survey site (e.g., 100m x
100m) and draft results can be obtained by the next day, helping the geotechnical field process move quickly.

Services we provide include: